ECM or EDM Systems: Knowledge Share Discussion
Tuesday, February 8th, 12-1:30pm

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Program Description:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems have been gaining popularity.  This knowledge share discussion goes into what they are, tips and tricks regarding them and giving an idea of things to expect from them to better support your records management programs.

Join Oregon ARMA’s own Nasir McKnight as he walks you through parts of his career and discusses with you some of the perspectives of ECM/EDM systems.  And encourage you to share some of your own experiences and perspectives as well. 

About the Speaker:

Over the past 14 years Nasir has experience spanning fields such as County government, Public Health and Medical under the umbrella of records management.  Always striving for cohesiveness and efficiency to those fields he is in.  He has helped introduce new retention schedules in the State of Washington, been a key member of support to Clark County’s Enterprise Content Management system and is the Oregon ARMA chapter’s current board member as its Secretary.